Cub Activities

The activities below were put together during the Coronavirus pandemic in spring/summer 2020 - however Cubs are welcome to have a go at any of these activities at any point if they wish. Please contact a Cub leader if you wish to gain credit towards the relevant badges for these activities.

Note, from Week 9 there was not be a video each week:

  • Week 9: 2nd June - Completing the Gardener badge, starting the Navigator badge with a look at maps

  • Week 10: 9th June - Completing the Animal Carer badge, starting the Home Safety badge

  • Week 11: 16th June - Cubs were invited to take part in a 5k fundraising walk.

  • Week 12: 23rd June - Zoom meeting

  • Week 13: 30th June - Completing the Home Safety badge

  • Week 14: 7th July - Zoom meeting

  • Week 15: 14th July - Completing the Local Knowledge badge.

  • Week 16: 21st July - Zoom meeting

Additional activities