Sadly, during the Coronavirus pandemic we aren't going to be able to meet face to face, but that doesn't mean Cub activities have to stop completely. We're going to try our best to add some new activities to the website here each Tuesday that Cubs can do at home, either on a Tuesday evening when they would normally be at Cubs, or any other time that suits you.

Some activities will include things you can do/make then take pictures of and share with us - if you're happy to share them with everyone, we can share these pictures on the website too (we won't share pictures of the Cubs themselves).

Each week's activities will appear on a page like this one, with an accompanying video. If it's easier, you can also find the videos on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to.

Getting credit for badges

Some of the activities count towards Cub badges. Take a picture or a video of the Cub doing the activity, and send it to the leaders so we can tick off the right parts of the badge. You can either:

The Great Indoors

The Scout Association have created a website called The Great Indoors, which has a load of other activities you could try to keep you busy while you're stuck at home!

Other badges

If you want to do more, feel free to look at any of the Cub activity badges on the Scouts website. If you find any parts you think you can do at home, drop Tom a message.