Week 1: 7th April

Welcome! If you haven't already seen the introduction to how the badge activities work, please check it out.

You can also view this week's video on YouTube or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This week there are a few different activities you can try, relating to nature in spring, and Easter.

Spring - Naturalist badge

Spring has sprung!

For part of the Naturalist badge you need to observe the same area of nature at least four times over a three month period. Now, right at the start of spring, it a great time to start.

Choose an area that you can visit regularly. It could be an area near your home that you walk through on your daily exercise, your garden if you have one, or even the areas of nature you can see from your window at home.

Look at what you see in the area. You could take some photos, videos, draw some pictures or even just write down what you see. Note down today's date - in a few weeks time we'll come back to see how things have changed!

  • What are the plants like? Are there any flowers yet?
  • What are the trees like? Do any of them have leaves on?
  • Can you see any evidence of wild animals, birds or insects?
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There's more information about the naturalist badge here - we will do some of the other activities in future weeks.

Egg decorating - Artist and Skills Challenge badges

It's Easter this weekend, so now is a great time to get crafty and decorate an egg!

Get an ordinary egg and ask an adult to hard-boil it for you, and let it cool.

Put it in an egg cup then get out your paints, pens, stickers, glue or whatever you want to use and make the most creatively decorated egg you can manage!

Take a photo and upload it in Online Scout Manager or email or WhatsApp it to Tom.

Next week we'll present a gallery of everyone's designs!

(This counts towards the Artist badge (we're decorating an egg instead of a book cover!) and the Skills Challenge badge (do something creative).

Easter baking - Skills Challenge badge

There are lots of things you can make in the kitchen for Easter, depending on how adventurous you are feeling.

You'll need an adult to help with this.

You could start simple and make some delicious chocolate Easter nests, by carefully melting chocolate and mixing in cornflakes or broken Shredded Wheat and decorating with mini eggs. (There's a recipe here if you need it).

If you are up for a bigger challenge, you could try Easter cookies, biscuits, or even hot cross buns - there's loads of recipes on the BBC website here.

Whatever you make, before you eat all, it take a picture and upload it in Online Scout Manager or email or WhatsApp it to Tom - this can then count as part of your Skills Challenge badge (make cakes, bread, biscuits or something similar).

Just for fun - Egg and Spoon race!

This one can be done with all the family!

Get some spoons and enough eggs to have one each. You could use real (hard-boiled) eggs, plastic eggs or smaller chocolate eggs (creme eggs?!) if you have them.

Agree a course, either in the garden, or in a safe area of the house, and race each other to the finish line without dropping the egg!

If your course is too small for everyone to go at once, you could use a stopwatch (or phone) and time each person doing it individually. Someone can be in charge of writing down everyone's time and working out who is fastest!

If a simple egg and spoon race is too easy, mix it up a bit and make things more difficult - you could add obstacles you have to go around, or even try doing it blindfolded (go slowly and make sure you're doing it in a safe area if you are going to do that!)

If you want to share pictures of this, great, but it's just for fun so you don't have to!

Hope you enjoyed these - check back next week for some new activities!

Stay safe,