Week 13: 30th June

Welcome. This week we are going to complete our Home Safety badge, that we started in Week 10.

Emergencies at home

Sometimes things might go wrong at home and it is useful to know what to do if one of these things happen. Talk to your parent about what you should do if any of the following things happened at home.

A burst pipe / water leak

A pipe could burst at any time, which can cause water to leak and that can cause a lot of damage to your home and belongings. If this happens you would need to switch off the water supply to your house, to stop the leak getting worse, and leave the water turned off until it can be fixed.

Where in your house would the water supply be turned off?

A power failure

If the electricity to your house went off (particularly at nighttime), how could you see? Do you know where you could find a torch?

A gas leak

A gas leak could be very dangerous, as it could explode or start a fire.

Do you know what a gas leak would smell like? What should you do if you smell a gas leak at home? What should you not do if you smell gas?

Accidents at home

Home is normally a very safe place, but unfortunately sometimes accidents can happen.

Think about some of the different causes of accidents at home. Here are some types of accident - can you think of any others - or any ways these could happen?

  • Tripping, slipping or falling over
  • Electric shock
  • Burns or scalds
  • Cutting yourself

What could you do to prevent some of these accidents from happening at home?

Make a poster about home safety showing some of the ways to avoid accidents at home.

If an accident happens

Hopefully it won't, but it could happen that you are at home with your mum or dad, and they have an accident that means they need you to get help for them.

If you needed to get help while you are at home, who would you contact? Make a list of telephone numbers or contact details (for example names and addresses of trusted neighbours) of people who you could ask for help if you needed it.

Crime prevention

What things can you do to make it less likely that your family might be a victim of crime (for example, burglary) at home?