Week 15: 14th July

Welcome. This week we are going to complete our Local Knowledge badge. We started that in Week 9 when we drew a map of your local area.

Find out about something, or someone, famous from our area

For this part of the badge you can either:

  • Find out about someone famous who lives, or lived, in our area - this can be a historical figure or someone who is alive today. Find out what they did that made them famous. Write down some facts, or prepare a short video explaining what you have learned about this person.
  • Find out about a famous building or other landmark in our local area and visit this place. When was it built or used and what purpose did it have? Is it still used for that purpose today? Write down some facts about this place (perhaps with some photos), or prepare a short video explaining what you have learned about this place.

Hewenden Viaduct

Picture by Paul Glazzard, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Salts Mill

Picture by Markj 87, CC BY-SA 3.0

Design a poster, leaflet or web page to advertise our area to a visitor

This year, lots of people will be staying in the UK rather than going abroad for holidays, so they might be looking for some interesting places to visit.

Design a poster or a leaflet (or a web page if you are feeling very high-tech!) that might attract someone to visit our area. You can either focus on one particular attraction, or show a variety of attractions in the local area.

Send me a picture of what you create to count towards your badge.