Week 2: 14th April

Welcome! If you haven't already seen the introduction to how the badge activities work, please check it out.

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This week we're looking at the Animal Carer badge (good for those with pets), making a model, and doing some exercise to stay healthy at home. Also we'll be having a paper aeroplane challenge just for fun!

Looking after your pet - Animal Carer badge

I know you don't all have a pet at home, so if you don't you might want to skip to the next activity.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a pet, now is a great time to start your Animal Carer badge. You can do this badge no matter what sort of pet you have - cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, goldfish, stick insect or something else.

For the Animal Carer badge you need to help look after the pet's day-to-day needs for at least two months. You should think about:


How do you keep the pet safe?

Does it have its own place to sleep? Do you know how to clean or change its bedding?

Do you have to do anything special to keep the pet safe from harm when you leave it at home?

If the pet goes out of the house, how does it keep safe - does it need a collar or a lead?

As part of your badge, you should make sure that you always follow whatever rules are needed to keep the animal safe from harm.


What does the pet eat?

How does it get fed?

How much should you feed it?

Does it eat at particular times of day?

Are there any foods it cannot eat? Would these make it poorly?

Do you have to give it water to drink?

You should take responsibility for feeding the pet, at least some of the time, and make sure it is given the right type and amount of food each day.


Do you need to take the pet out for exercise or play?

How often and when do you do this, and how long for?

What sort of activities are right for this type of animal?

Are there rules you must follow, for example if you have a dog is it OK to let it off the lead? It depends on the dog, and whether you are somewhere safe for this.

Agree with your parent what sort of animal caring activities you can do, and whether you can do them by yourself or if you need help. Make a note of what you agree to do, and in a few weeks we will come back and check whether you've been sticking to it!

Making a model - Artist and Skills Challenge badges

Last week we decorated an egg, which counted towards the Artist and Skills Challenge badges. This week we're going to do a bit more of these two badges and make a model.

Since we're also thinking about pets this week, we're going to make a model of a pet.

If you have a pet at home, then try to make a model of your pet. If you don't have a pet, then you can either make a model of an animal that you know (for example a pet belonging to a friend or relative) or just choose your favourite animal to make a model of!

You can use any material you like to make the model - you could use modelling clay or dough, papier mâché (small pieces of paper stuck together in layers with glue), old cardboard boxes, yogurt pots and so on stuck together, or any other craft materials you have available.

Once you have made your model, send me a picture and we can count it towards your badge.

Exercise at home - Skills Challenge badge

Also for our Skills Challenge badge, we're going to be thinking about how to stay healthy while we're at home.

It's really important that everyone stays healthy and active even though we're not able to go out and about as we normally would. But did you know that doing exercise can also count towards your Cubs Skills Challenge badge?

This week, try to do at least three different types of exercise. This could include all sorts of things that get you active, for example:

  • Going for a walk or a jog (perhaps you can combine this with your animal's exercise if you have a dog!) - following government rules about exercise and social distancing
  • Playing games in the garden if you have one - it could be playing football, throw and catch, tennis, badminton, swingball or something else!
  • Using a trampoline or skipping rope
  • Following an online exercise class, such as Joe Wick's PE classes
  • Any other activity, either indoors or outdoors, that gets your blood pumping!

Let me know what activities you have tried (with pictures if possible) and I will count it towards your Skills Challenge badge.

Paper aeroplane challenge - just for fun

For a bit of fun this week, let's see if you can make the best paper aeroplane you can!

In the video I show how to make a simple paper aeroplane, but there are a lot of different designs you can try on this website: Fold N Fly (the one I made is the Basic Dart).

Make a paper aeroplane and see how far you can throw it, either indoors or out in the garden. Your family members can join in if you want to make it into a competition!

If you want, try some of the other designs from the Fold N Fly website and see which one goes furthest!

Hope you enjoyed these - check back next week for some new activities!

Stay safe - and Cubs, do your best!