Week 4: 28th April

Welcome! If you haven't already seen it, you may be interested in the introduction to how the badge activities work.

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This week we're starting our Gardener badge. You don't need a big garden to do this - a few pots or window box is fine! Also we'll be making some big pictures out of things we find around the house.

Growing season - Gardener badge

This time of year is the perfect time to grow so many plants, such as fruit and vegetables, because the soil has warmed up, the days are much longer so the plants get more daylight, and it's unlikely we'll get any more frost. Just knowing this is part one of your Gardener badge!

Some fruit, vegetables and flowers that we are planting in our garden at this time of year include:

  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Courgettes
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Sunflowers
  • Marigolds

...but there are so many more different things you could also decide to grow.

Try to get some seeds and plant them either in your garden or even in pots on the windowsill. Different seeds have slightly different instructions for planting them, so make sure you read the packet!

To count towards the Gardener badge, you should try and look after at least two different types of plant for two months, so now is a great time to start.

Planting peas

Planting green beans

Some sunflowers we planted 4 weeks ago

Plant labels - Gardener badge

If you are planting seeds or young plants, you will need to label them so you remember what you have planted!

Why not make some nice labels for your plants. You can either make plastic labels by carefully cutting out some plastic from an old yogurt pot or margarine tub, and drawing on it with a permanent pen. If you have some old wooden lolly sticks you can use those. Or you can use some pieces of cardboard - you can draw on these with normal pens but they might go a bit soggy after a while!

Send me a picture of your plant labels to count towards your badge.

Minibeast hunt - Gardener and Naturalist badges

"Minibeasts" are small animals such as insects and worms that play a very important role in the garden. While some of them can be a nuisance to gardeners (like slugs and snails that can eat young plants!), others can be very helpful, such as:

  • worms that help improve the soil by breaking up dead leaves
  • butterflies and bees that pollinate plants as they travel from flower to flower
  • ladybirds that eat other pests like greenfly!

Try and have a look around your garden - or when you are out on a walk - for these little creatures. What types can you identify?

If you make a note of the minibeasts you find in your garden, that can count towards the Gardener badge.

if you can identify six types of minibeast, that can count towards the Naturalist badge!

A big picture - just for fun

This week, just for fun, we are going to make a big picture using things you might find around the house.

(This is inspired by a TV program called Art Attack that used to be on when I was a Cub - your parents may remember it!)

For this, think as creatively as possible. This picture is only temporary, so you don't need to glue, paint or cut anything. Your materials will be things you can find round the house, and you will place them together carefully to make your picture. The picture can be as big or as small as you have space for - you could do this on a table, on the floor, or even outside.

Decide what picture you want to create, then look around for things you can borrow to make the picture. In particular think about the colours and what it would look like when you stand back and look at the finished picture! (Make sure you ask permission before you take anything that's not yours!) You could use:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Toys, Lego etc
  • Craft materials
  • Things you might find in the kitchen
  • ...or anything really!

Lay your items out carefully, on top of each other, so that when you stand back you can see the big picture. Take a photo of your artwork before you take it apart and put everything back where you found it!

Hope you enjoyed these - check back next week for some new activities! Don't forget, you are welcome to go back and try any activities from previous weeks that you may have missed.

Stay safe - and Cubs, do your best!