5k Fundraising Challenge for Manorlands

Click here to download a version of the walk that you can print at home.

Alternatively, you can follow the route below on your phone, and write the answers to the questions on a piece of paper.

As you may have heard, charities like our local Sue Ryder hospice at Manorlands are struggling to raise funds due to the coronavirus crisis. We thought that the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts might like to do their bit to raise some money at the same time as getting out and about in our local area, so we have put together a challenge that all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can attempt with their families.

It’s a 5km route around Wilsden that you can walk (or run if you are energetic!). On the way there are also some questions to test your observation skills!

Your challenge is to attempt to complete this route, and answer as many questions as you can, at some point before the end of the summer holidays. You can ask friends and family to sponsor you for completing the challenge, at the following link:


This is a socially-distanced activity on public footpaths and minor roads in the local area. (The route is selected to follow quieter paths and avoids the path alongside Harden Beck and Goit Stock Falls, which can be very busy.)

Please follow all government guidelines about social distancing and only walk with others from your household.

All participants take part in the challenge at their own risk, and are responsible for their own safety at all times. Some areas of the route cover uneven ground and conditions may be slippery, so suitable footwear should be worn.

Thank you for taking part, and have fun!

The walk route. See description below.

Challenge route and questions

The route starts at Wilsden Village Hall, although as it is a circular route you can start at any point if you prefer.

(Harden residents may wish to start at Stephen Smiths garden centre, head in the Wilsden direction and take the footpath on the right through Goit Stock woods, and join the route at the pylon in question 14.)

From the Village Hall, take the footpath uphill towards the Rec.

Q1. What can’t you take on the Rec?

Q2. What flowers can you find on the Rec?

Walk uphill across the Rec to the far corner. Turn right and take the lane down to Church Lane Farm.

Q3. What is stored in the huge blue tank?

Turn left and walk up Wilsden HIll Road. Take the right fork onto Dye House Lane.

Q4. What type of tree is behind the sign for Dye House Lane?

Q5. And what type of tree is behind the sign for One Dye House?

Once the lane turns into a rough track, look carefully for the paths on the right and take the second path to right across the fields (shortly before a wooden telegraph pole). Follow the path around Wilsden Hill.

Eventually you will come across a footpath sign pointing downhill (Ling Crag). Follow this and head carefully down the hill.

Q6. How many wind turbines can you see?

Q7. How many arches are there on the viaduct?

Q8. What are the tall purple flowers next to the wall on your left as you go down the hill?

When you reach the road (Bents Lane) cross it and continue downhill onto Hallas Lane.

Q9. What is the name of the bridleway you are walking on?

Follow the sign to Bents Mill and take the steps down towards and beside the mill.

Q10. How many steps are there down to the road?

At the junction follow the path to the right, then turn left in front of the cottages. (The last cottage has a big wooden gate, the footpath goes through this gate).

Q11. What is the name of the last cottage?

Q12. What company (also the name of a car company) secures the garage?

Follow the path over the stile and along the edge of the fields, next to Goit Stock Woods.

Q13. What different types of tree can you identify as you walk alongside the woods?

Eventually you will pass an electricity pylon. Further on, the path goes through a gate into the woods - keep following it along the top of the woods until you reach a second electricity pylon.

Q14. What does it say on the “number plate” on this second pylon?

Just after this pylon, there is a gate on the right. Go through this and follow the path up through the fields.

Q15. What company supplied the electric fence?

Follow the path uphill to Lower Bents Farm on Bents Lane. Cross the lane and continue uphill to Pye Bank Farm (16). Turn left and follow the lane round to Tan House lane.

At the junction with Wilsden Hill Road, go up the road, and then take the path on the left (17). Follow the long path paved with stone flags. At the junction where four paths meet, turn right and walk up the hill. When you meet the road, follow it round to the right and on to Wilsden Rec. Cross the Rec and return to your starting point at the village hall.